Significant Events that Shaped America between 1940 and 1980

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From 1940 to 1980 there were many significant events that shaped America. Events in history are not defined by how they actually happened but how they were interpreted. Be it by the people of that land or other lands looking in. In what ways do people receive the important news? News comes through media outlets such as radio, newspaper and television. Americans especially tend to take things at face value. “This information must be true, I read it in a newspaper.” In 1941 Japan attacked Pearl Harbor and in the coming weeks thanks to newspaper, men and underage boys were lined up in a fury ready to serve their country and the United States declares war on Japan. In the same year Hitler declares war on the United States. The United States drops the Atomic bomb and Japan surrenders. It was not possible to call up a loved one off at war to catch up. In 1948 there was the Berlin Airlift, and 1949 NATO was established. In 1950 the McCarthy Hearings begin and are wildly popular on almost every radio station. In 1954 Brown v.Board of Education is decided and the Civil Rights movement begins to cause a stir in the early 60s. The Cuban Missile Crisis, Kennedy is assassinated, race riots, Tet offensive, the end o the Vietnam War, Watergate. All newsworthy events, each rich with detail and the only way the American public knew what was going on half way around the world was daily broadcasts in the paper and on the radio. The primary source article is a speech given by
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