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Significant Health Care Event Krista Jex 531 August 19, 2013 Tracy Miller Significant Health Care Event Health care has been inclined by several significant events that have occurred throughout history. Change is the primary focus on what has shaped health care and continues to by pain of improvement, and to focus on the importance of our population and their needs. Though there are several influences politics, finance, culture, technology, health trends, and religions they all play a major contribution towards shaping the healthcare field. (Shi & Singh, 2012) Throughout this paper we will present significant events that have changed and affected health care today, give details about how the historical evolution of health care…show more content…
On a positive note litigation works for people who have been affected by certain malpractices. It is a protection for families who need answers and representation. From the health care facility side it can also help them to take proper precautions and develop policies on the behalf of theirs as well as the clients, which places value. Negatively speaking, the delivery of healthcare and the function of the health care system, consistency, quality, and consistent levels for citizens are all affected. Too much of anything is no good and if litigation continues excessively there will continue to be limits that result in a system that is unable to grow, lack of consistent care, and higher costs. Personal Beliefs and Values. From a personal standpoint I believe that the excessiveness of litigation is hurting the field of healthcare due to the affects in many different areas. It reduces access that patients need. Due to the misuse and disloyal antics of people making false accusations to self gain we will continue to see a rise in healthcare. I do not feel that all accusations are false, but I do believe that litigation has become successful due to dishonesty. In order for there to be financial distress for us all as a country we must flow diligently with each other. From a malpractice standpoint they need to ensure that their patients are taken care of to the best of their ability and that they are taking the precautions needed to ensure no
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