Significant Impacts of the World Wars on American Society Essay

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Throughout the twentieth century, both World War I and World War II significantly impacted American society in several ways. From 1917 to 1918, the United States’ involvement in World War I began an increase in the number of women in the workplace that would steadily continue throughout much of the twentieth century. The United States once again played a major role in World War II from 1941 to 1945, and this war is actually seen as a turning point for women in the workplace. During the two world wars, women workers were impacted by discrimination, the danger of the work they completed, and the portrayal of women in propaganda during both world wars, and yet the different time periods of the two world wars led to differences in how women…show more content…
Although it may seem insignificant, women’s experience in the workplace before World War I had a direct impact on how women were viewed in the workplace during the two world wars.
Despite the different time periods, there are several similarities in how both World War I and World War II impacted women in the workplace. At the start of each war, millions of young men left their jobs, homes, and families to serve their country in the war, leaving thousands of employment positions needing to be filled. However, employers did not immediately turn to women to fill those roles. Not only were employers hesitant to hire them until it was absolutely necessary, but male workers did not quite know how to handle women as their new coworkers. According to Carrie Brown, “men disliked having their domain invaded by women. They didn’t know how to treat women in the workplace, and they didn’t want to learn” (127). Men accused women workers of stealing jobs from men, whose rightful place was in the workforce, and many even held the belief that women were lowering the wages earned. Despite these discriminations, employers did eventually hire women, and as a result, women had the opportunity to complete jobs that were normally done by men. Once women were able to overcome the
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