Significant Improvement : Things That I Have Learned From English 1010

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Significant Improvement: Things that I have Learned from English 1010 Have I improved from when the class started to now? Or have I remained the same or worse have I become a worse writer and reader? These are questions that need to be answered by a self-reflection and evaluation. One must always set goals and analyze their growth or the lack thereof. The analysis of progress helps show how far one has come, and it also helps the rate of improvement accelerate. Throughout this semester, I have improved my writing, reading, and critical thinking skills. I have accomplished this by effectively taking advantage of an opportunity to become a learner. All in all, I have completed with the learning outcomes of this class by improving the…show more content…
Outlining the argument helped me see the order in which the paragraphs should be placed. Also, because I learned that outlines should be specific, I put quotes and the focus of each paragraph. The detailed outline guided me like a map while I was writing the essay. My outline made the writing process significantly easier, and it prevented me from the dreaded writer’s block. All in all, my organization as improved because of what I have learned in this class.
Just as important as improving my organization, I learned how to rhetorically analyze several types of sources and media. Before this year, I had heard the words pathos, ethos, and logs, but I did not understand what each appeal meant. Luckily, this class has taught me how to recognize the rhetorical devices. I experienced a learning curve because I found it difficult to analyze the political commercials. However, I felt that I the rhetorical analysis of a speech was easier. This improvement came because in class I learned from the many practice problems, and it was because I had some experience under my belt from the first rhetorical analysis. I showed this improve in my analysis of John F. Kennedy’s first inaugural address. For example, I analyzed how Kennedy’s use of alliteration appealed emotionally to his audience. I wrote,
“Kennedy’s use of alliteration helps the audience remember his words. The alliteration emphasizes the words “standards, strengths, and sacrifice”. This really shows

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