Significant Places In The Peninsula, By Seamus Heaney Evening

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Throughout life, people place emphasis on important places they encounter. These important places act as a safe haven to a person seeking tranquility. Seamus Heaney’s three poems, “Fodder,” “The Peninsula,” and “The Plantation,” reflect on significant places in the speaker’s life. Often times in the poems, the speaker is lost and seeks comfort by recollecting memories based around the influential places he or she has encountered in life. In “Fodder,” the speaker is in California remembering his or her childhood spent in the environment of Ireland. Similarly, in “The Peninsula,” the speaker is at a loss of words and must pass through the surroundings of Ireland in order to acquire peace of mind. In “The Plantation,” the speaker appears to be perplexed, yet remembers familiar aspects that brings him or her back to reality. Through the use of setting, diction, and form in the three poems, Heaney demonstrates an adrift speaker who pursues comfort throughout the…show more content…
The speaker of this poem is Seamus Heaney. The setting has a grim impression when stating, “Was a centre, birch trunks / Ghosting your bearings” (2-3). Although the speaker is aware of his surroundings, his manner seems to be gloomy and aimless. The speaker appears to be haunted by his adrift impression in life. Additionally, the speaker portrays being perplexed, “Though you walked a straight line / It might be a circle you travelled” (6-7). Sometimes a person must lose himself or herself in order to find what he or she has been searching for all this time. Likewise, the speaker in this poem is uncertain of where life will take him and chooses to seek where the path will lead. A person must be willing to take the risk and indulge in their uncertainties in order to find comfort in the possibility of what could be. As one can see, the setting of this important place puts emphasis on the comfort the speaker is
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