Significant Professional Accomplishment: Personal Statement

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My Most Significant Professional Accomplishment Several months ago, I found myself part of a group charged with the formulation of cost reduction strategies for an entire organization. Some of the suggestions whose feasibility the team was supposed to deliberate on over a six-month period included but they were not limited to staff layoffs, salary cuts, change of suppliers, etc. One month into the deliberations, our team leader resigned and a replacement had to be selected from within the team. I ended up being selected the new team leader. On being conferred leadership responsibilities, I was immediately confronted by a major challenge: how to handle the transition while ensuring that the team remained effective and motivated. A change in management according to a survey conducted a few years ago remains one of the biggest challenge facing firms (Bohlander and Snell, 2009). In my case, I was replacing an individual with whom team members had already established close rapport. Matters were further complicated by the fact that our leadership abilities were not identical. Our priorities could not also match. During the very first days, I had to contend with significant resistance to change. To ensure that the team did not fall apart, I had to develop strategies for dealing with the said resistance to change. I learnt that to effectively manage such resistance, one has to first identify and address the reason(s) for the said resistance. Next, I also learnt that the relevance

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