Significant Themes in Murmuring Judges by David Hare Essay

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The purpose of this essay is to identify the significant themes in Murmuring Judges by David Hare and to show how these themes have been presented to the audience. David Hare graduated from Cambridge University in 1968; that same year he co-founded the Portable Theatre Company with his friend Richard Bicat. Ironically he was to launch his writing career because the Company was left in the lurch by a playwright just four days before rehearsals were due to start. Hare jumped into the breach and penned a short satirical piece on the unlikelihood of revolution in Britain. This rather hasty first attempt at writing turned out to be a resounding success; which inspired Hare to further writings.…show more content…
This perception that those people within the Judiciary are out of touch; perhaps even oblivious to normal life is affirmed in Hare’s delivery of the discussion about fundraising for the Bar between Cuddeford, Sir Peter and Irene. “We started fund-raising for a campaign about 4 days ago.” “How much have you raised?” “One million” “That sounds an auspicious start. One million?” David Hare has the ability to elicit extremes of sentiment from his audience; as succinctly as he alludes to the pomposity of the members of the Judiciary, he provokes sympathy and empathy in equal measures for Gerard, the ‘would be’ villain of the piece. The audience become privy to Gerard’s thoughts in a stream of consciousness as he stands awaiting the verdict of the Jury at his trial. What they see is a rather scruffy youth with long unkempt hair; however his thoughts are in fact eloquent and emotive; eliciting from the audience a certain amount of sympathy for his predicament. “Finally I get it, yes, it is happening, these men, every one of them silver haired, judicious, informed, they will go home to their wives, to wine in fine glasses and gossip of the Bar, they will walk the streets and complain about their lives, and I...And I” Hare shows that despite appearances; here stands a young man who can look around him and identify the reality of the situation. What is more he is

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