Signs Of The Deaf Community Sign Language

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American Sign Language There are thousands of languages spoken all over the world and hundreds spoken across the United States of America, but what about the language that isn’t technically spoken? The ability to speak in order to communicate is a privilege that most forget they have. Imagine the struggle of the injustice a person was served losing their ability to hear or speak normally. It’s heartbreaking because communication is so vital to a person’s life. However, imagine a system that allows these people to communicate without much problem. This system is actually classified as its own language and it’s called Sign Language. Sign Language a language that helps many with disabilities, and those who don’t have disabilities, communicate with each other. However, despite its huge impact on the deaf community Sign Language still has some room for improvement. Just like other languages though, there isn’t just one form of sign language. There are many types and variations of sign language based on environment and location. But the most commonly used and most commonly heard of would be American Sign Language or ASL for short. For the purpose of this essay, we’ll be discussing American Sign Language. Sign Language dates all the way back to 1620 when a man named Juan Pablo Bonet wrote a series of essays on what he believed be the appropriate manner of communication with the deaf. His essays showed his own system of language for the deaf including an alphabet and a series of
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