Silas Marner Essay

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Silas Marner

George Eliot the pseudonym of Mary Anne Evans was born in Warwickshire, England in 1819. Eliot was one of the finest realists of Victorian fiction and produced a remarkable range of intellectual novels throughout her life, including the moral fable of Silas Marner. The 19th Century was an extremely patriarchal period, which Mary Anne Evans had to pen her name as George Eliot, otherwise her novels would not be published. George Eliot was a critic of the Victorian society in which she lived, and which she felt remarkably hypocritical in its treatment of her, as an intelligent, freethinking woman, who lived with a man to whom she was not married. She wrote in numerous ways
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George Eliot and Silas Marner even though both have male names, this is not what connects them because George was a matron. Both people have been ostracized, Eliot expressed her own experiences in her writing. Silas Marner lived in the within the same time period which Eliot lived her life.

Silas Marner belonged to a narrow religious sector and was highly thought of in that little hidden world known to himself as Lantern Yard. Silas had a friend called William Dane, which he later found out that with friends like him Silas did not need any enemies. Marner turned into a miser when he was wrongly accused of stealing church money, he then travelled to a village called Raveloe. After Silas had been accused of theft the people in the church in Lantern Yard had to make themselves sure of his guilt, any resort to legal measures for ascertaining the culprit was contrary to principles of the church in the Lantern Yard so they resolved to drawing lots, the lots declared that Silas Marner was guilty. He was solemnly suspended from church membership and called upon to render up the stolen money. After the lots declared his guilt Silas lost his faith in God and man from this he deliberately cut himself off from other human company and all religious beliefs. Silas knew that William had stolen the money and framed him as the thief. Not long afterwards it as known to
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