Silas Rudd's Parody: A Fictional Narrative

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Sanjay and I made our way into the store. It was clean and well kept, spacious but lacked customers. We made our way down the aisles lined with tools, making our way to the checkout counter. There sat a high school aged boy. He had a full head of dirty-blonde hair and wore an orange shirt that had embroidered on the breast, Keith.
“Hi, my name’s Valerie McIntyre, and I was interested in renting some equipment.”
“Um, sure. Are you looking for anything in particular?” It was obvious that it pained him to answer.
“I was looking to see if you guys rented, um, what are they called Sanjay?” I tried to mask my very police like manner.
“Scissor lifts. The ones that go up about 30 feet.”
“Oh, um, that was just recently used and can’t be rented until
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My office?” She followed me through the sea of cubicles and assistants, most of them working on the case of this man she is somehow connected. We entered my office. “Here, take a seat.” There was a pause. “I’m his girlfriend. Silas, Silas Rudd’s girlfriend.” She was undoubtedly holding back tears. “Ma’am I’m sorry to tell you but-.” I was cut off. “I know he’s dead.” I let her breathe for a second. “Amy, right?” “Yea, but you can call me Mimi.” She gave me a faint smile, trying to lighten the mood. “How long have you been with Silas?” “Oh a little over two years.” Immediately I knew. She caused the marriage to go awry. Not necessarily her, but her affair with Silas. I sent Mimi home and gave her my contact info if anything were to come up. I called in Sanjay. “What now?” I stared at him with cold tear running down my face. “Go home. Get some rest.” He threw me my jacket. There in my car, in the middle of the parking lot, I sat thinking. My mind was going wild, and then I though about the note.

“So unfortunately there are those who do evil, and they must
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Not as a cop and a citizen, a friend to a friend. She told me about Silas. How good he was to her, but his flaws were obvious. She said he never seemed like the best teacher. He talked crap about his students all of the time, he made fun of them, and he had his favorites. Tommy Kane to be exact. His least favorite, a boy I have actually come to know, was Keith Arentz.
“Silas use to say that Keith hated Tommy enough to kill.” Mimi, signifying she thought it was a joke, let out a chuckle. Then it all came together. Keith Arentz was the killer, and I think he is going to kill again.
I kept my composure and made my exit. “Mimi this has been amazing, but I really need to get going.”
We made our goodbyes and I race to the precinct. Not to my surprise Sanjay was still there.
“Suit up and find the address for Tommy Kane. He’s a 10th grader at the high school.” Within minutes we had a fleet of squad cars racing to the high school. Sanjay called me.
“Get this, I just called Arentz’s Construction, they’re closed, but I was informed that Keith was still finishing up at the warehouse.”
“Okay new plan. We’re heading to Arentz’s
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