Silence As My English Teacher

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I watched in silence as my English teacher explained today’s lesson to the class, hearing what was said, but certainly not listening. Not a single word that came out of my teacher’s mouth, or any of my classmates’, was payed attention to by me. I closed my eyes and rested my head on the graffiti covered table, silently praying that I would remain undisturbed for the remainder of the lesson. It was nearly time to go home, and I was desperate to do so, so that I may escape the bore of the class I was forced to attend. Despite the fact that I was so very desperate to head home, I did not scramble out of the classroom like many of the others when the bell finally did ring. I stood up slowly and took my time in packing up my books and stationary. Even after I had packed away my things, I pretended to be preoccupied with my shoelaces as I watched the class from the corner of my eye. After all, how was I to steal anything if half of the class was still here? No, I was not so audacious to take such a risk. Before long, there were only seven people left in the classroom; Helena and her two best friends, or loyal pets as I preferred to call them were standing near Helena’s desk and discussing a topic that I seriously lacked interest in. Then there was Rico, a teammate from the basketball team who was currently discussing sports with his best friend, Jesse. The other two people in the classroom were myself and the Mr Hensley, who was typing away busily on his laptop. I quickly

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