Silence, By Shusaku Endo

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One common theme between good and bad priests is that the vocation they were called to never seems to completely leave them. This is a common theme in Silence, by Shusaku Endo. In the beginning of the novel, the reader discovers that Ferreiera apostatized, giving up not only his roles as a priest but his faith in God as well. Although Ferreira abandoned the priesthood and gave up shepherding the few Catholics of Japan, he still continues “to be useful to others, [which] was the one wish and the only dream of one who had dedicated himself to the priesthood” . However, once he is reunited with Sebastian, “there flashed into his eyes a servile smile and momentary shame”. Here Ferreiera feels as though he has failed Sebastian because if he had not apostatized, Sebastian, acting as a good priest, would never have gone to Japan to save him. Father Sebastian Rodrigues behaves as a good priest throughout the majority of the novel. He always remains humble and recognizes that he is an imperfect human being, claiming, “I did not come here to condemn you. I am not here as your judge” . He recognizes that God is the only judge and although he seems like “the voice crying in the wilderness”, Rodriguez ministers to all Japanese Christians by educating, performing the sacraments, and protecting his parishioners, giving them “a human warmth they never previously knew”. Even when he gives advice against God, like telling the prisoners to trample the fumie, he immediately realizes…
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