Silence By Shusaku Endo 's Silence

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Zhaowei Cui (Aries)
Professor Stephan Davis
Intro to Religious Thought

Many times throughout religious history God has seemed to show silence towards his followers, at times when they really needed Him the most. For instance the Jews have a long history of anguish and suffering at the hands of other religious faiths or races, and often have been met with silence from their God. The holocaust is perhaps the most well-known example of a religious group being persecuted without any protection from the God that they worship and seek protection from. In Shusaku Endo’s book Silence, he writes of another example of religious persecution, this time focusing on the Japanese eliminating Christianity. When religious people face suffering they can often be faced with a horrible dilemma: What 's more important, my faith, or the lives of others? If a religious person has to commit sacrilege in order to save another human beings life, is that the right thing to do? Or even further, if a religious person must give up their religion in order to save other people, is that the option they should, or would take? Regardless of the decisions people make facing such dilemmas, why should they need to face this dilemma in the first place? If their God would not stay silent, and come to the aid of His people, then would the dilemma not be averted? Shusaku Endo 's book Silence, which is loosely based on the life of the historical figure Giuseppe Chiara,…
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