Silence By William Shakespeare 's ' Krapp 's Last Tape ' Essay

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Silence as a Character in Krapp’s Last Tape Krapp, a cantankerous old man attempting to relive his “best years” by listening to a tape he recorded on his thirty-ninth birthday in Beckett’s “Krapp’s Last Tape”, constantly pauses and allows silence to overwhelm him and his thoughts. By allowing the invasion of silence into the play, the spotlight is taken off of Krapp in a one man play supposedly about Krapp, as he cannot maintain control at the most basic level. The play begins and concludes with silence, and therefore silence is the first character the audience meets in the play, demonstrating its importance in controlling Krapp and his actions through the story. Throughout the play, silence constantly appears, whether in namesake or in the form of relentless pauses in Krapp’s speech, and dominates Krapp and his language. Krapp, in constantly submitting to the ever-present enemy of silence, demonstrates that he has no control over the story that is supposed to center around himself, and that silence is the character to overwhelm Krapp because it represents his fundamental flaw, his loneliness. The play opens on stage directions describing “Krapp’s den,” and does not introduce the only material character in the story until four lines in (247). When Krapp, the main character, is introduced and described as an unkempt man, it is revealed immediately that he cannot take care of himself. Although the play is focused around and named after Krapp, he cannot hold attention upon

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