Silence Of The Lambs, Don 't Breathe, And 10 Cloverfield Lane

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Horror films have gone through a massive evolution over the years. Perhaps, it is due the massive evolution of societal norms. Perhaps it is due to the mass desensitization to violence. Whatever the reason as directors and screenwriters developed in their crafts the need for bigger, better, scarier monsters, began to build. With the introduction to the supernatural, murder and gore, the masses screamed for more. Horror took an incredible turn for the better; implementing incredible scores, including romantic and sexual tension and even on screen deaths. Thriller is very frequently confused with horror, and for good reason; as they share some of the same elements. As time moved forward and with it film production; psychological thrillers…show more content…
Lecter uses when committing murder. He has by this point incapacitated one officer and is on his way to murder a second when he stops to play the record. Ironically this particular scene has been considered one of the most gruesome; although there isn’t a single death on screen.
The second most iconic scene would be in which; rookie Clarice Starling has arrived at the house of Buffalo Bill AKA Jame Gumb (Ted Levine). Who is presently holding the senator 's daughter captive with the intention of completing his skin suit. Clarice arrives and in noticing the death 's head moth within the house realizes she is in the proper house and takes action. Jame eventually takes the advantage by shutting off the lights. He follows her through the house wearing night vision goggles. He has the upper hand as Clarice searches in the pitch dark rooms for the man. He however is described to be a man whom believes himself to be trans with an identity issue and loses himself in coveting her hair and likely her womanly body. He reaches out to caress her locks and cocks the trigger. Hearing this, Clarice fires into the darkness and finds the switch to turn on the lights. She has in fact shot and killed Buffalo Bill. This particular scene uses silence to lift the tension and support the suspense.
This scene is so iconic and so successful in creating the proper tension for psychological thriller films; the technique has been used in a

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