Silence Of The Sea

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An interpretation of the silence theme of The Silence of The Sea As the title The Silence of The Sea suggested, one of the biggest theme of the story is silence. Although the story mentioned silence several times, the narrator didn’t further explain and reveal the feeling of the silence until page 95 line 8~15. This paragraph, for the first time, reveals his former chaotic feelings toward the silence and compares them with this oppressive silence with interesting the metaphor of sea. As the only paragraph explained his feeling toward the silence and paralleled to the title, it is the key to understand the meaning within the silence and therefore understand the relationship between the German officer and the French through their interlocution. In this paragraph, the silence is exquisitely depicted from the perspective of the narrator. This description taken place as the story climax and approaches its end. Before this paragraph, the story tells an Germany officer occupied a room in the house of the narrator and his nieces in french during the wartime. Although he aware the silence of the narrator and his niece, the Germany officer unremittingly conveyed his affection toward France and his hope of “happy marriage” between German and France. After he turned back from a visit in paris where he met and spoke to the leaders of German army, he finally realized that his dream about the happy marriage would never come true. The description of the silence by the narrator is placed…

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