Silence - Original And Utter Silence

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It is a beautiful September morning. The sky is blue and cloudless, although it feels like it should rain. Hundreds of people gather in small, tight-knit groups at Ground Zero, holding tightly to the person beside them. Shoulders shake as they stand in the place where their loved ones died; not a word is uttered.
That’s how they choose to remember 2,296 souls (Plumer, 2013).
Complete and utter silence.
The void that is too often filled, the thing that is too often forgotten.
Today’s society has been trained to avoid silence. In a world where our senses are constantly assaulted by sound, silence has become awkward, uncomfortable, and sometimes, even downright terrifying. We fill our world with sound, from the moment we wake up in the morning to the moment we fall asleep at night. The loud, insistent beep of the alarm clock, the ringing of cell phones, the slamming of doors, and the hum of the radio invade every sphere of our lives. By taking a step back, and looking at the world from a different point of view, we will see that silence is a powerful tool that transforms our lives.
Our generation is no longer taught to spend time contemplating who we are as individuals. Rather, our focused energy is on the distractions that are so easily available to us. We look for every possible way to run from solitude instead of turning inward and spending time alone with our own thoughts and emotions. Though it is frequently overlooked, silence is an influential resource available…

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