Silence : Silence And Silence

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Because Naomi hears no response and only silence accompanies her relentlessly. So she growing up in solitude and silence, Naomi loses the ability to communicate with others and the silence became part of her life. “The language of her grief is silence. She has learned it well, its idioms, its nuances, over the years, silence within her small body has grown large and powerful” (Kogawa 17). The silence grew within her, bringing difficulty to verbalize her suffering. Silence has become her way of expression, that dominant her actions. Naomi’s quiet and reserved demeanor keeps her from informing others of her feelings or asking others for help. On multiple occasions, Old man Gower abuses Naomi, but she speaks nothing about the incidents because of fear. And she even does not know how to speak this thing. She feels that if she speaks, she “will split open and spill out. To be whole and safe, [she] must hide in the foliage, odorless as a newborn fawn, but already the lie grows like a horn, an unfurled fiddlehead fist, through the soft fontanelle of [her] four-year-old mind” (Kogawa 76). Keeping this incident to herself causes trauma. Old man Gower makes Naomi live through miserable trauma without a voice to utter her suffering: “The novel depicts the plight of a child who does not know and cannot tell” (Cheung 131). On the other hand, Aunt Emily’s hidden package appears, also become another puzzle to Naomi because she cannot read Japanese. This package has been hidden in the

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