Silent Crying And Tears : Never Given A Thought

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Silent screams and tears: Never given a thought
` "I feel sorry for never reporting the domestic abuse to the police. Rape, violence, confinement, threats with weapons, death threats, stealing and destruction of property. I think he would be in jail for a long time if I had reported him. But I think it 's too late. There is no proof other than the little bit of pain left in my heart from the years I wasted with a monster, caged in an abusive relationship.” (Jeanne) Jeanne wasted her five years of broken-winged life with a monster. She doesn’t remember the first time he hurt her. All she shares is cries and screams of pain. Every day, we see images or hear about violence against women in the news, on TV shows, in the movies and in our homes and workplaces. But, have we ever thought of any steps to prevent it? I doubt as everybody around is just happy in their own wonderful wacky world. It is a common problem for women of all ages, races, and classes as violence against women is a global problem. Recent global prevalence figures indicate that 35% of women worldwide have experienced either intimate partner violence or non-partner sexual violence in their lifetime.( ) Rape, battering, sexual harassment, financial and emotional abuse are acceptable to those who commit these forms of violence. Violence can also strike women in the form of stalking, sexual assault, human trafficking, forced marriage and domestic/physical abuse.
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