Silent Dancing By Judith Ortiz

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“Silent Dancing” by Judith Ortiz and “Homeplace: A site of Resistance” by bell hooks are two stories about their experiences throughout their difficulties of adaptation while growing up and the battle to familiarize in a surrounding where they weren’t comfortable. They both share their story and their experiences during their childhood and as they grow. The difference between the two is their background and how they deal with it now. “Silent Dancing by Judith Ortiz Cofer is a story that explains her childhood and the struggles her and her family went through. Around the age of three Cofer, her younger brother and mother moved to the United States after living in “la isla” Puerto Rico. They moved due to the fact that her father joined the navy and was relocated in Brooklyn. “Silent Dancing” explains the way Cofer grew up in the United States while being surrounded by the same ethnic group. When moving into “El Building” in New Jersey the first few months seemed blurry. Her and her family struggled the neighborhood felt unwelcomed, treated unfairly and saw everything in the collor gray. There were few memories that came in color like the way she would hear the salsa music blasting from the other side of the wall and the smell of the Puerto Rican cooking. These memories seemed to make her content. Even though her family shared a house where she describes had people living on top of their head and under their floor. Changes like these made it seem very different for her. Cofer
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