Silent Ears, Silent Heart Essay

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Silent Ears, Silent Heart I thought that Silent Ears, Silent Heart was an excellent book. It really gave you a full prospective of what a family and a person has to go through living a life without being able to hear sound it also helps you realize what someone has to go through that can’t hear what is going on around them. The book starts off with a couple named the Clines there’s Mr. Cline who is Jack who runs his own multimillion dollar business in a glass production. His dream is to have his son at his side and follow in his footsteps and run the family business someday. Then there’s Mrs. Cline who is Margret who is a stay at home wife that is waiting the arrival of their child. The book starts off with them being a typical…show more content…
He was in complete denial. For some reason he thought that if his son cannot hear that makes him stupid and a retard. Witch I found appalling. That a father could say such a thing about his own son just because he was different and could possibly have a disability. Throughout most of the book his father has a hard time excepting that his son has a problem. At one part he practically disowns his whole family. His business was having a big corporate business and his wife and son were there and one of the employees were explaining to someone else how his son was deaf and that his son is probably not going to be able to take over the family business, Mr. Clines pulls the man to the side and tells him as far as the business people know he has no family, no wife and no son which how could a father say that. The first time where I was able to see the father actually care is when his wife gets a letter in the mail asking them to register their son into a special needs program to try and get him ready for kindergarten since he will not be able to progress as quickly as the other children in class. But his mom had a very hard time letting go of her baby bay. He still was only 3 years old but that’s when he needed to start learning how to communicate so that he can be ready for kindergarten. Mr. Clines signs the paper right away but his wife is still having a hard time excepting sending her son to school so early when she could
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