Silent Manipulation Alex Proyas’ film I, Robot

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To the music they listen to, to fashion trends, to their beliefs, the news outlets and television shows could be held responsible. In 2004, the media had a much greater influence over American citizens because of the historical context of the time. Alex Proyas’ film I, Robot had taken advantage of the fact that people had become so easily influenced by the media. Set in the year 2035, a robotics company named US Robotics has engulfed American life to the point where every household has a robot, and citizens have become dependent on their help. Sonny, a robot programmed with the ability to think, feel and have dreams enables a robot-fearing detective named Del Spooner to see through the lies of the corporation. Through the use of Sonny’s character development, subtle advertisement sequences, and distinct film choices such as the context of specific scenes, Proyas is able to portray the suppression of thought and individuality in a futuristic society told what to think and feel through US Robotics media propaganda. Through this, Proyas is indirectly criticizing the 2004 audience in which was being told what to think and how to feel through the various media outlets that would report on the political campaigns happening at the time as well as the fear of the ongoing war with Iraq.
At one point, Sonny becomes captured by the police…

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