`` Silent Sales Machine ' And How It Helped Me Achieve My Present Day Success?

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Come close. Listen carefully, because I have a surprising secret to share with you that you properly wouldn’t expect. My secret is that I’m not that exceptional. That’s right. Before I created my online empire and began selling thousands of dollars worth of merchandise on Ebay and millions worth on Amazon, my struggle with money was real. In fact, my previous experience involved working at a church, which if you know anything about ministry you know doesn’t pay very well. Before I share the benefits of the amazing book “Silent Sales Machine” and how it helped me achieve my present day success, let me know you a little about my background. Before getting into my present business, I tried virtually every multi-level marketing company in…show more content…
That is when I comprehended what success really was. Success is about your outlook and your determination, not your limitations. It isn’t focusing on your obstacles; it’s focusing on your goals and why you want to reach them. It also is determining what it will take to meet your goals and what you are willing to give up (at least short term) to see them met. Throughout my experience I have come up with some encouraging quotes that I love sharing with those who are just starting out. If you are just beginning on your journey towards success, remember these during times of discouragement: “I am going to figure this out.” “Sometimes there is that fear that you have to break through” “Courage is feeling the fear and doing it anyway” “There are real opportunities everywhere once you push past that fear of ‘what if I make a mistake and fail?’” “You have to love something. So, find that something you love.” “Focus on one thing. Master it, and then add a new skill.” The quotes above represent many of the truths I learned along my journey towards entrepreneurial success. Below are a few interesting facts about my journey to success that I would like to share with you. Through them, you will see, I am just like you. If I can find success, so can you: I started my first eBay business with only $100 from my family’s savings. This means you don’t have to be wealthy to start a successfully business. In fact, I

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