Silent Spring, By Rachel Carson

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“On earth, the history of life is always the history of the interaction between biology and environment. To a large extent, the natural forms and habits of the plants and animals on the earth are shaped. “Said Rachel Carson, in her book silent spring, “In the environment of all invasion, air, soil, rivers and oceans are the most shocking pollution, and some of them even fatal pollution. Such pollution is largely irreversible. “The planet, which provides us food, water and shelters is being destroyed by human beings. If immediate action is not taken, we don’t know what the earth will be. We are not the last people to exist or the only creatures on the earth. If our government doesn 't realize that matter, there is no time for us to find a comfortable place to live, after two or three decades there will not even place for our future generations. As Chain’s economy is growing so quickly, it is not avoidable that our environmental pollution will become more and more serious period. With the development of industrialization, there are various forms of pollution that will increase and cause environment problem. Most of the pollution does not threaten only our health, but also the existence of other creatures. Those convenience, which become more and more reliable for humans, comes from commercial products that we use every day has a big influence on environment. For example, automobiles are convenient for personal transportation, but they are the large percentage of the world 's

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