Silent Spring By Rachel Carson

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The dominant theme of Silent Spring by Rachel Carson is the powerful and detrimental impact humans have on the natural world. Carson 's main argument is that pesticides have harmful effects on the environment and lead to a loss of biodiversity and quality of life. Carson uses the pesticide DDT throughout the book as she examines the effects of pesticides throughout the United States. Though the majority of the book is focused on the effects of pesticides on our ecosystem processes, she also touches on cases of pesticide poisoning, cancer, and other diseases caused by DDT and other chemicals that affect humans directly.
In the first few chapters she describes town where living things and the environment coexist in peace but how, shortly after, the town is silent and the birds have stopped singing (Carson 13). She explains that for the first time in the history, people will be exposed to chemicals from their conception to their death. This was over 50 years ago, when man-made pesticides had only been around for about two decades. It prompts us to ask what level of exposure we are experiencing in 2015.
DDT was somewhat effective in killing off insect pests, but caused bird species to decline rapidly, while harming other wildlife and human beings in the process. The chemical industry argued for many years that DDT was completely harmless and Carson accuses the industry of spreading lies and covering up the dangers of DDT.
The chemical industry is worth millions of dollars and…

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