Silent Victims : Discussing The Effects Of Domestic Violence Essay

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Silent Victims: Discussing the Effects of Domestic Violence When most people think of Domestic Violence (DV), they envision an ethnic person, battered with bruises. Many forget that DV can occur in many forms and has many faces. Not only does it cross all cultural, religious and socioeconomic boundaries, but it also is committed in many forms, some of which do not leave external bruises. The stigma surrounding DV often prevents the victims from speaking up, allowing, sexual, mental, emotional and physical abuse to occur, often in the presence of children, creating long lasting effects on the household and in our communities. Despite the fact that many women suffer daily through the pain and humiliation of DV, while it is either well known or suspected by their neighbors, few speak up. Dating back to the medieval time period, husbands have been allowed, and even encouraged, to physically “correct” their wives at their discretion to maintain peace and order in their household. Although systematic abuse was not within the limits of the law, proving it was almost impossible. Even if a woman was brave enough to bring charges against her husband, the local magistrates often sided with the husband and his witnesses. In the rare case an abused wife actually prevailed, as in the case of Alice Dey, fines and sentences were minimal. In 1383, the local constable received a report that Alice’s husband, Thomas, had “beaten and drawn blood” from his wife. Thomas was fined three pence and
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