Silent Warrior: The Biography of Carlos Hathcock Essay

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The book I read is called Silent Warrior. It's a biography about the famous marine sniper, Carlos Hathcock. The book takes you from his death bed to the death field in Vietnam, where he earner his title as the best of the best. His 93 confirmed kills and hundreds more unaccounted made him the number one sniper in our history. The book brought out the best of the man that everyone knew as Gunny Hathcock.

Carlos Hathcock was born in 1942 in Arkansas. His father once said that Carlos was only eight when he decided he wanted to be a Marine Sniper. When his parents were still together, his father had gotten a Daisy pump BB gun for his birthday. His parents thought he would only shoot around the house, at the trees or cans. However,
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After that, Carlos wrote to his wife Jo, "We did put a dent in their game plan, I suppose." Carlos then knew that Land's tactics were very useful.

Within a month in Vietnam, Land assigned Carlos his own students. When Carlos and his students first got to Vietnam, his fellow Marines questioned the usefulness of a lone sniper, and even made comments such as "there goes murder incorporated, cold-blooded fuckers," but after six months-and 14 confirmed kills-Hathcock's methods won acceptance. Carlos always told his men not to listen to the harsh words of other soldiers. He said that, "killing a VC will prevent him from killing your fellow Marine."

Carlos strategy was his own and interesting. He once said that he survived in his work because of an ability to "get in the bubble," to put himself into a state of "utter, complete, absolute concentration," first on his equipment, then on his environment in which every breeze and every leaf meant something, and finally on his target. His work demanded steady nerves and was exhausting. During two 13-month tours of duty in Vietnam, Hathcock volunteered for so many missions that his commanding officer once had to restrict him to quarters to make him rest.

There is one story that he tells about how he worked. He was the enemy soldier in the bushes planning to attack. The soldies continued about his tahk, oblivious to his danger as then already Sgt Hathcock brought his M-14 to bear. The

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