Silhouette's Gundam Case Summary

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It was hard to miss the sound of such a large cannon firing, Meijin Bellatrix adjusting her course appropriately in an attempt to find targets. She arrived soon enough that the Galaxy Exelios Gundam had its back to her, allowing her to see the cannon was down. She gave a cautious scan as she approached, looking around for Javier since it would be silly for the interloper to fire off that cannon without a target. "Could always be a lure.." She thought, considering the option that the boy was laying a trap in case she would come to investigate the sound. She would approach along the Exelios' right side, opposite of the cannon and began cycling through her weapons. She let go of the orb her left hand was controlling and tapped a few buttons on the holographic keyboard, her shield turning off momentarily as to not interfere with her handling of weapons.…show more content…
She had the motions selected via keyboard entry, the Silhouette Gundam reaching back and grabbing hold of the VSBR rifles mounted on its backpack. The lock on the VSBRs would release, allowing her to swing them forward to use for its intended
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