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Internship Report



(Silk Bank Ltd, Pakistan)

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Silk Bank Ltd, Lahore

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Date of Submission: Jan 15, 2013


(Dept, of Business Administration)


Silk Bank maintains its position as Pakistan's Premier Bank determined to set higher standards of achievements. It is the major business partner for the Government of Pakistan with special emphasis on fostering Pakistan's economic growth through aggressive and balanced lending policies, technologically oriented products and services offered through its large network of branches locally, internationally and representative offices. Banks new identity Silk bank –
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After joining the bank for internship it was an easy way for me to take the attention of the employees because whole staff of the bank is so cooperative that I did not face any problem regarding to my attention to employees. I succeeded in making relationship with the top influence people and with the help of these people I started permeated in the system. This was my first step towards the completion of my task and with the passage of time they realized that they could also utilize my efforts in a productive way to minimize either burden.

They provided me their time and information and shared their experience with me which helped me to enhance my knowledge which I believe would be helpful in my practical life, and they also shared their experience with me, which I believe that it would be helpful in my practical life. First two weeks I worked in Customer services department, for next two weeks I worked in Cash and operation department and for rest of the time I worked with Relationship Manager and Business Management where I learned lot of things including how to deal with corporate

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