Silver Bullion History

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The price of silver bullion cannot be determined by its monetary exchange rate. Its value is timeless. The history of silver coins dates back as early as 700 B.C. During the Iron Age, an Asian kingdom called Lydia had produced the first of these types of coins. It was originally alloyed with gold and was called electrum. Eventually, pure silver coins were made.

When large deposits of silver had been discovered in American countries in the early 1900's, most nations switched to the use of gold as a form of currency. The abundance of silver during the aforementioned period made the metal less in demand. The production of both gold and silver coins diminished when fiat currency or the use of paper bills was introduced in the 1970's.

In the United States, the last circulation of silver coins was produced in 1979. Coins of today are composed of nickel and zinc with the addition of
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The original design was based on the 50 cent silver coins in circulation from 1916 to 1947. It features the Liberty statue in a walking stance. Special collectible editions were coined from 1986 up until 2008. These were no longer produced after 2009 and in an indefinite time.

With the rule of supply and demand applied the price of silver bullion increases as the supply decreases.

Buying silver bullion coins had become popular due to their aesthetic value. Most collectors purchase these as a part of their personal collection. Reliable dealers often offer sets with at least four pieces included. A four piece set may cost up to $500.Bulk buyers can purchase as much as 25 rolls of silver eagle coins to save money. Each roll contains 20 coins and may cost less than the price per piece when you buy fewer pieces.

Most silver bullion dealers are actually found over the internet. Directories and search engines will help you find one if you plan to have your own silver bullion
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