Silver Lake: A Short Story

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Silver Lake’s name held true that night, as the moon reflected gray-toned glitter across placid ripples. The air was warm on our bare skin, and filled with music. Raleigh lay next to me on a blanket, twirling dark curls around her fingers, reborn from straightened locks after being submerged in nippy lake water.

The moonlight illuminated a dripping figure that emerged from a shimmering lagoon, as if covered in liquid metals. Glitter rained down from his head as he ruffled his hair, the view of him walking back up the path to us was like a scene from a movie. The moon was the fullest I’d ever seen it, teetering on top of Silver Lake. Summer noise was my favorite thing, the crackling fire a few feet from me, leaves above me whispering to the sky, even the low rumble of
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Amused looks, laced with all of the worries that had been erased from our minds that night bounced between us. But as we watched the man in uniform step out of his vehicle, we knew he wasn't interested in us. (Revision: The previous italics are a flashback.)

First we saw the lights. The next second the only sound we heard were blaring sirens. We darted back to the stone lighthouse perched over the beach. Amused looks, laced with all the things we worried about that night bounced between us as we huddled together. Downhill and behind the lighthouse we were out of sight from the man in uniform, but he had no doubt seen us walking down the tracks into the woods. But as we watched, taking turns to peek up at the flashing blue lights, we realized he wasn't interested in us.

A potbellied man stepped out of his truck, holding onto the handle for support as he tilted forward and back, then left to right. He was clearly intoxicated, his white shirt was riddled with stains under his oversized red flannel. He struggled to walk a straight line for the officer, and we laughed silently amongst ourselves at the drunk mans attempt to act
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