Silver Lining Playbook

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Silver Lining Playbook begins with main character Pat Solatano, a charming, middle age man who suffers from bipolar disorder. In the beginning of the movie we see Pat going about his day, with no inclination he is actually in a psychiatric hospital. We later discover Pat was admitted after a manic episode that left other people hurt emotionally and physically, and resulted in his separation from his wife At the very beginning of the movie we see Pat standing in his room reciting a speech to his ex wife, Nikki. He seems obsessed with the idea of winning her back no matter what anyone says to him. Pat’s mother soon comes to get him out of the hospital and take him back to live with her and Pat’s father. He lies to his mother about a friend of his being discharged and in some serious high speed maneuvering they manage to turn the car around and take his friend back to the hospital. Within moments of being…show more content…
I did feel like Pat had a lot more manic moments than depressive moments, he always seemed to have very heightened emotions, but its possible it was simply harder to notice in the movie. Its also a movie, which means the exciting bits need to be in it and not so much the slow parts. This could give people the idea that those suffering from bipolar are always throwing stuff or tearing their house apart, but I personally didn’t get that vide from the movie. I think there are instances where you could say that when Tiffany and Pat get together their symptoms sort of fall by the wayside, seemingly no problem once they find each other. This could potentially give the idea that someone else can fix you or make you feel better, which could be a harmful thing to believe. However, Tiffany and Pat get to be real with each other, and feeling understood can help with daily functioning even if the bipolar is still there. Did the movie portray treatment of the disorder? Was the treatment successful? Was the treatment
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