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Sarah Carpenter Professor Herzog Final Paper Silver Linings Playbook Silver Linings Playbook The narrative of Silver Linings Playbook is formed in the heart of Philadelphia around a middle class family at it’s breaking point. Pat’s, the protagonist, family has very much shaped his current situation; he has clinical bipolar disorder and struggles with stress-induced manic outbursts. After Pat’s release from a mandated rehabilitation center, he handles the next recuperating stage of his life in a similar way as a quarterback looking to make the next big play on the field; watching for possible blitzes and passes, anything to get the ball into the end zone, or in Pat’s case, to get in position for his life to get back on track, and…show more content…
Pat and Tiffany are flawed in ways that are more common in human nature than we discuss, or would like to believe, and offer more depth to the audience than the overly-stereotyped flaws of commitment phobia and unnecessary expression of feelings. Silver Linings Playbook is shot through Pat’s perspective in the present as he navigates his life after he is released from a psychiatric rehab facility. Russell is able to tell the story of how Pat arrived at the point he is at through flashbacks triggered by his wedding song and through visits with his court appointed psychiatrist. The storyline bounces around from different aspects of Pat’s life; problems at home with his parents, his running back to Nikki and away from his new life, and dancing with Tiffany. The audience is whirled around following it all, as if they too are a part of the obsessive craziness that is overwhelming and raw in some moments and relaxed and comical in others. In these ways, the mental illness aspect of the film that has completely shaken up Pat’s life, is woven through for the audience to understand, but is still not a glaring idea that is hard for people to grasp or relate to. Though the film itself strays from a typical romantic comedy, the structure of Silver Linings Playbook does not. Romantic comedies usually center on a single person’s development through the assistance of their soon-to-be partner. The theme is stated within the first ten minutes; in this case, it
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