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SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK REVIEW Everyone has quirks that make him or her an individual. We filter through life, attempting to seamlessly weave our oddities into a “normal” person. As difficult as trying to fit circles into squares, the silver lining in these valiant attempts is that the “normal” person doesn’t exist. That is what writer-director David O. Russell understood when making The Silver Linings Playbook, The film is a fantastic study in how our individual quirks, though varying in degree, have the ability to render all of us completely insane. The film focuses on disgraced former schoolteacher Pat Solitano (Bradley Cooper) as he attempts to reinvent himself using life’s silver linings. The film begins when Solitano is…show more content…
The film is obviously based on a novel. The dialogue, setting and subtle incongruities lend itself to pen and paper as opposed to a movie theatre. It needs a novel’s freedom to slowly develop characters. The dialogue between Cooper and Lawrence feels ridiculous when your reality has only been suspended for the film’s 122 minute run time. However, this is not the fault of either actor. In fact, Lawrence is stellar as the blunt, widowed sex-addict who refuses to allow Pat to pretend that his relationship with is ex-wife is salvageable. In fact, Tiffany becomes Pat’s reason even though she is just insane as he is. The humor and sexual tension between the actors is palpable despite sappy, unrealistic lines such as Pat’s love confession: “The only way to beat my crazy was by doing something even crazier. Thank you. I love you. I knew it from the moment I saw you. I'm sorry it took me so long to catch up.” The catalyst in the story is not, in fact, Pat’s mental illness, so much as his father’s own problems. Robert De Neiro is stupendous as an aging Eagles fan that refuses to give up on his idea of “normal.” Solitano Sr. is the antagonist; frequently begging Pat to abandon his silver linings and conform to Solitano Sr’s own demented ideas. The tension between Cooper and De Neiro is amazing. The most realistic aspect of the entire film is when
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