Silver Outreaching Technique Analysis

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The material of the plate with the battle between David and Goliath is silver. Silver is made of a white metallic element. Throughout the history of art, silver has been considered as a very precious metal, meaning that it shows social status, wealth, and power. The techniques used in creating the silver plate are the pushing out and chasing. The pushing out technique involves pressing the reverse side of the metal surface. The chasing technique implies working in the same process as pushing out, but from the front of the metal surface. The technique used in the silver plate with the battle over David and Goliath is pushing out. The artist must first work in a sheet that was formed by hammering on a steel block, then attaching the sheet with…show more content…
Silver was important during the Byzantine culture because it showed a social status uppity within the nobles. Silver was very hard to find and expensive to make. Hence, the artists wanted to demonstrate that they were capable of working with such material. This means that silver was a scarce material that approached to a better greater acknowledgment of the artist. The artist did want to show their knowledge and understanding of the great power that silver conveyed. The composition of the plate is articulated by a specific movement of the viewer’s ever. The viewer’s eyes move across the native form top left to bottom right. Since the plate where put down in a table, the artist successfully displayed the scene with a mirror reflection of the scene. The viewer would stand or seat right in front of the plate looking down and their eyes moving across the narrative like reading a book. This means that the viewer would start looking at the plate from the top left and end at the bottom right. The composition dispelled an impact in the viewer; eye because it easy to follow each step of the scene. For example, the viewer starts seeing in the top David collecting stone to meet with Goliath, then in the middle the battle and the ending bottom where David cuts Goliath’s head. The views get a full sigh full experience like reading the page of a book; meaning that the viewers understand easily what the
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