Silver Service

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Chaper8 Silver service 1 what is silver service? -Style of catering where the food is delivered to the table on a platter held by the waiter and served to the customer’s plate using a folk and spoon . 2 Which side of the guest do you stand for silver service? -Left of the guest 3 what are the limitations of using the thread method of holding the service gear? -Each different items need to be served by different service gear required. 4 How do you pick up small items of food? -To remove your index finger in wedge method. 5 What sort of things are served with two fish knives instead of the usual service gear? -Soft or large items requiring more support than can be given by a service spoon and fork. 6 In which direction should…show more content…
6 What is the advantage of the three-plate clearing technique? -Scrap food items and the used cutlery are carried on separate plates. 7 How many plates should you collect at once? -As many plates as you can. 8 What technique is used to collect side plates at the same time as dinner plates? -Using the two plate or the three plate technique. 9 When should side plates be collected separately from dinner plates? -If there are more than four guests at the table. 10 How should unusually shaped plates be collected? -They should not be stacked but held separately from used dishes, using the two or three plate carrying method. Chapter17 End of service procedures 1 Why are the two purposes of a bill? -To inform the guest of the amount to be paid , To act as a control system for the establishment. 2 Why is important to present the bill promptly? -They may earn a reputation for slow service. Bringing bill late is one of the reasons that makes guest feel annoyed. 3 What should you do with the bill if it is not clear who is the host? -place the bill in the centre of the table 4 What is the procedure for accepting payment by credit card? -Check that the establishment accepts
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