Essay on Silver or Lead vs. Live Free and Starve

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Everyone sees our world in different shades of different colors. The United States is the worlds most powerful nation, and we have our hand in virtually all projects around the world, we do this to try to better it for the people inhabiting it. Is The United States actually creating a better planet? Is the United States the one causing all the problems? I will be comparing and contrasting two stories, one is about Columbians who are forced to work in the drug trade business, or take a bullet and die, while the other story is about how the United states wanting to pass a bill in the United States that would put a halt to all trade tied with countries that endorse child labor. These two issues are very similar while at the same time they…show more content…
If such bill were to be passed, millions of children would be left without jobs, and without a check at the end of the week, meaning that they would have no money to pay for food, no money to stay alive, they would just starve. In Silver or Lead a story about a drug war, there is no light at the end of the tunnel signifying and end to all the unnecessary deaths brought on due to the violence that is tie with drug trafficking. All that is happening is more, and more money is being made, while more holes are being filled with the murdered bodies of people caught in the crossfires of this drug war. Nothing is working to stop this war. The consequences of the U.S. trying to help out these countries rise from ruins only seems to be causing more problems, causing more deaths, and more heart ache. A difference between Silver or Lead and Live Free and Starve, is how our government affects each of these countries overall. In the story Live Free and Starve The United States government is trying to pass a bill that would ultimately make us stop trading with companies over seas that hire children to make products used in the U.S.This would have an impact on children very severally, they would lose work hours, and possibly their entire jobs, which would force them onto the streets, force millions of kids to live on the streets. These kids have no other means of work, they have no families to shelter and feed them, they would just end up starving, and
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