Silvio Napoli & Schindler India

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SILVIO NAPOLI & SCHINDLER INDIA ASSIGNMENT Please answer the following questions and post the answers on using the link provided on Blackboard. Only one submission per group is needed. Each answer should be complete and in-depth. They should be at least 200 words each, although they can be longer. 1. Based on the information you have about Silvio Napoli, do you think he was the right person for the job of setting up and managing Schindler’s Indian subsidiary? Explain your answer. Yes, we believe Silvio Napoli was the right man for the job. Napoli at the time had 7 years of experience in mostly in the European markets. While he was the head of the corporate planning for Schindler he was actively involved in the company’s VRA (Corporate Executive Committee) meetings in addition to being responsible for MOM (Minutes of meetings). By being so involved in the company at such a high ranked corporate level, Napoli was able to gain insight about the company which made it possible to create a realistic strategy to enter foreign markets such as India. Before given the opportunity to expanding into India, Napoli focused on learning about the India’s elevator market such as the size, legal environment, and competition. Simply put, Napoli did his homework on India, and with the information gathered he was able to create a viable, and realistic business model to expand into India. By gaining the research and information necessary for success in India, the VRA recognized

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