Silvio Napoli at Schindler India Essay

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1 Was Silvio the right choice for general manager of Schindler¡¦s India operations? Why/Why not ¡V give details.
This question can be answered by taking following 3 things in consideration.
1.1 Silvio¡¦s characteristics
This can be better explained by detailing his strengths and weaknesses.
1.1.1 Strengths:
As per Luc Bonnard, they trust him 100%, he has courage, he is young and flexible, he is generalist not specialist, and willing to go to India.
So here is the list of his strengths with the reason why this strength makes him the right candidate for the mentioned job.
„« Young age ¡V His young age brings enthusiasm, drive and thrives to show his capabilities to the world.
„« Aggressive and energetic ¡V
„« Courageous ¡V
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„« Import duty and transfer cost went up in 6 months, financial planning was done with prices that were 6 months back, so now square off period will be more than expected.
When this is compared with the business plan, we can say it is clearly not on track. Based on this information we can conclude that the work was not done as per the plan and so the work was not good.
If we just look at the end result, we may overlook the best management team that Mr. Napoli had created. We may also overlook the groundwork Mr. Napoli had done for the start-up in India.
„Ï Summary:
After carefully evaluating all the 3 points mentioned above, I can conclude that Mr Napoli was certainly a good choice for the job looking at his strengths as his past experience and qualifications. In my view the problem was with the aggressive business plan. I can see 2 flows with the business plan.
„« It was very aggressive. 50 units in the first year considering the new location, new setup, new tie-ups with local manufacturers; was too ambitious.
„« No customisation policy. I feel that the pre study of the Indian consumers was not done properly otherwise this policy would not have been created. In Indian realty markets, flexibility amongst the products is the key thing for success. People even change the pre constructed houses, either for Vaastu/ Feng Sui or simply because of the looks. Elevators in residential as well as commercial projects also face
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