Silvio Napoli at Schindler India

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1. Was Silvio the right choice for general manager of Schindler’s India operations?

In order to determine if Silvio Napoli was the right choice for general manager at Schindler India his abilities and weaknesses have to be taken into consideration. In the table below those are summarized in order to facilitate a judgment of the decision whether he was the right person to be general manager or not:

Strengths + | Weaknesses - | Took part in creating business plan; Good knowledge of goals and strategy | Conflicted by relocating his family | Close ties to the executive committee; Knows many people | No knowledge of the Indian market and culture | Ability to handle different cultures; Flexibility | String-headed and single-minded
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If necessary I would even take further actions, in case he cannot ensure that he can avoid a violation in the future. Preventing this from happening again or even preventing it from happening the first time is very important for Silvio, because he will be the one who will be held accountable for this. If he cannot make sure that Schindler India can stick to his own strategy, he will most likely loose the trust of the executive committee and face severe problems.

If he cannot reverse the order I would also give him the advice to try to use this violation of his strategy as an opportunity. Maybe selling only standardized products is just not the right strategy for India. If he sees that if he broadens his definition of “standardized” he can achieve much higher sales, he should definitely take this as an opportunity to achieve the success defined in his business plan.

4. How should he deal with the challenges he is facing over transfer prices and limited technical cooperation from the European plants?

If possible he should try to keep transfer prices as low as possible and try to work independent by importing as little as possible due to the high charges. Therefore it would be good, if Schindler would find some high quality distributers of elevator components from India with whom he can cooperate. By doing this he also has

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