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[ 1 ] Before you start playing with the simulation model, you should read the introductory section of the workbook. The background information will help you understand the simulation model and answer questions correctly. [ 2 ] Start the program by double-clicking the SIMBIO VIRTUAL LABS icon on your computer or by selecting it from the Start Menu on your computer. [ 3 ] When SIMBIO VIRTUAL LABS opens, select NUTRIENT POLLUTION from the EcoBeaker suite. You will see a number of different panels on the screen: – The upper left panel shows a (virtual) lake in the early 1950s that is not yet heavily impacted by people and their pollution; this is where you will begin your investigations by learning a bit…show more content…
[ 7 ] Click the MICROSCOPE (“View organism”) tool button at the bottom of the screen to activate your mobile “Gut-o-Scope” (patent pending). Then click on individuals in the lake to see what they last consumed. (NOTE: this only works for organisms with guts!) [ 7.1 ] Based on your sampling, what do Bosmina in the lake eat? Green Algae [7.2 ] Based on your sampling, what do Daphnia in the lake eat? Cyanobacteria [7.3 ] Based on your sampling, what do Trout in the lake eat? Daphnia [ 8 ] When there are not very many individuals of a particular species present, just by chance it is less likely that they will show up in gut content samples. In this lake, Bosmina only eat green algae whereas Daphnia eat both green algae and cyanobacteria. Trout eat BOTH of the primary consumers. [ 8.1 ] After reading the above statement, did you miss any species in your gut content sampling? If so, which ones? I missed both the green algae being eaten by the Daphnia and the Bosmina being eaten by the Trout. Exercise 2: P in the Water A research station has a set of small experimental lakes you can alter as you need and a research boat that is outfitted with monitoring equipment. As you recall from reading the Introduction, you are concerned about the risk of algal blooms that might occur with increased phosphorus added to the lake as the town grows.

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