Similar Ideas Presented in Blade Runner by Ridley Scott and Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

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This is evident in the module Texts in Time; as Blade Runner, having been written more than one hundred years after Frankenstein is still able to reflect the ideas proposed in the latter. Blade Runner by Ridley Scott deals with the effects of globalisation and consumerism during 1980’s. Alternatively, the epistolary novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley deals with the kinship to the natural world set in the Romantic Era and enlightenment period. However Blade Runner, although subjected by a different context, also portrays a similar idea to Frankenstein; the fear of science and technology coupled with the value of the definition of a human. Through this commonality, we are able to utilise the values of Blade Runner in order to truly understand Shelley’s purpose.

During the 1980’s, the increasing amount of industrialisation brought about a new period in time, the Industrial Revolution. Literally revolutionising the world, the Industrial Revolution changed the way the world was perceived, no longer an agricultural based society but instead one overrun with globalisation and consumerism. Scott portrays this in an overindulged manner, looking at the extreme effects to long time globalisation and consumerism. As depicted in the film, the city is subject to a constant downpour of rain surrounded by numerous skyscrapers that effectively block out the view of…
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