Similar Themes In The Lottery And The Destructors By Shirley Jackson

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“The Lottery” and “The Destructors” are both very intriguing short stories. Imagine being out in the hot, bright sun and then suddenly being stoned by fifty people or driving up to your house one day from being out of town and seeing your house completely gone. Feelings or emotions of hurt, sorrow, or loneliness begin to appear. People can be cruel for no reason because that individual is not happy with their life or simply jealousy. Shirley Jackson who wrote “The Lottery” and Graham Green who wrote “The Destructors do an excellent job of portraying an interesting theme and intensifying their short stories. “The Lottery” and “The Destructors” have similar themes of random destruction, but the author uses different settings to set apart…show more content…
Thomas’s house. So as Mr. Thomas leaves to go out of town, the gang members destroy the whole house until there is nothing left. Therefore, “The Lottery” and the “The Destructors” portray random destruction.
“The Lottery” and “The Destructors” have different settings. “The Lottery” takes place on June 27th. The time of year is summer so the weather is hot, humid and sunny. “Flowers blossoming and grass is green” (Jackson). Also, all the village people gather together on June 27th so that the lottery may take place. Although Jackson wants the readers to seem like “The Lottery” is a friendly and cheerful story, the readers begin to read further and further into the story and being to understand in reality, the lottery is sorrowful. Jackson wanted the keep the readers intrigued, so she made the setting cheerful and positive until the end. “The Destructors” takes place on a Sunday morning. The sun is covered by stormy clouds. The ground is wet and the wind begins to make swirls of dust under the trees. Mr. Thomas’s house is beautiful and 200 years old. As the author relays detailed information to the readers, the readers begin to feel a sense of uncertainty and question. The setting affects the theme of the story because random destruction is often dark and gloomy. Greene created a great scene that lined up with the theme. When Green was explaining the setting, he was foreshadowing the destruction of Mr. Thomas’s house. Although “The Lottery” and “The Destructors” had

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