Similar To Many Successful Enterprises, Terrorist Groups

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Similar to many successful enterprises, terrorist groups have always diversified their revenue stream by relying on various forms of criminal activities to fund their operations. Terrorist groups are being forced to converge with organized crime to integrate local criminal activities in order to fund international terrorism. According to Steven D 'Alfonso, author of Why Organized Crime and Terror Groups Are Converging, D 'Alfonso notes that there is “evidence of Hezbollah establishing a strong base in Latin America over the past decade or more and working with Mexican DTOs [drug-trafficking organizations] to launder money, finance terrorism and smuggle people” (D 'Alfonso, 2014). Other diversified revenue streams of terrorist groups…show more content…
According to Louise Shelley, author of ISIS, Boko Haram, and the Growing Role of Human Trafficking in 21st Century Terrorism, “human trafficking now serves three main purposes for terrorist groups: generating revenue, providing fighting power, and vanquishing the enemy” (Shelley, 2014), although it’s arguable that human trafficking provides significant critical support activity for international terrorist organizations by providing financing with little to no upfront costs, potential entry into the United States and other developed countries via various work and travel visas, used as a recruitment technique for young soldiers, and also provides a way to demoralize the enemy by kidnapping their women and children. Before analyzing the critical support activity for international terrorist organizations, it is important to reflect on the similarities between modern human trafficking and the history of slavery.
Slavery spans many cultures, nationalities, and religions from times of the Sumerians and Ancient Egyptians to present day human trafficking. Slavery was practiced in almost every civilization throughout history and only recently has been vilified globally in the last 200 years, although human trafficking remains a critical international problem with an estimated 25-40 million people enslaved. Although slavery and human trafficking are not the same, they
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