Similarites Between the Theories of Max Weber and Karl Marx

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Max Weber and Karl Marx have often been regarded as influential theorists who both analyzed in how the society is constructed in relationship to its economic conditions, more specifically on the division of labour. Both the labour and economics create a force on how societies are shaped and because of that Weber and Marx each developed a unique theory on how individuals react and how societies are formed. Many individuals say that, Marx and Weber both analyzed similar ideas however, they both had two very different perspective on it. The disparity between the two theorists was not about the idea that division does not exist, but rather how society acknowledged and reacted to the division. Max Weber’s theory is that capitalist system is…show more content…
“It does not matter whether these two categories become effective in the competitive struggles of the consumers or of the producers”(p.274). The property owners are usually considered to be part of the upper class, has privileged access to sources and have control over the market, whereas, individuals who fall under lack of property are of the lower-middle classes who provide work in the labour market and it is mandatory that they follow societal rules by the ruling class. Weber did not strongly believe that class led to the uniformity in social action. (Social Action)
Weber did not perceive class and status to be defined as one, he argued that status groups meant communities. Status meant that any of the chances that were provided to an individual was determined by status honor, this was the linkage to the type of life style an individual lived in. (Provide a quotation on status honor). ** include the caste system**
Max Weber’s main purpose of the theory goes on to explaining that, Class, Status, Party are what make up the structure of our society. Political power is often based on class and status whereas parties are perceived to be constructed by power. Weber argues that modern society was not only dominated by the owners of capital but also by those with political power.
Furthermore, Karl Marx’s theory of Manifesto of the Communist Party argues about social

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