Similarities And Common Steads In A Short Story

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Has one as yourself ever read a story and started thinking, I can relate to this.
Common threads are similarities between different stories or literature. A common thread can be anything from a theme, content, or location. It can be any piece that connects different pieces of literature or short stories. The purpose of my essay is the explore the similarities or common threads in the short stories we have read. Also to show how they connect to our lives.

Sometimes people like to act different to impress a person.
In 7th grade Michael and Victor decide it is a good idea to scowl to make them seem cooler. “I think it works,” Michael said. He scowled and let his upper lip quiver.” Victor goes along and decides to do it too. Victor also pretends to speak French to blow Teresa away. He says “La me vave me con le grandma,” Teresa asks him to tutor him because he is so good at French and now he has to study and learn French immediately in order to stay with the person he is desperately trying to impress. In Fish Cheeks Amy pretends like she isn’t a part of the crazy Chinese Christmas and she is like the other American girls. She cries when she finds out that Robert has been invited over and hope he hopefully likes her back. She was thinking “What would Robert think of our shabby Chinese Christmas?” Her actions were, pretending the food is weird and not eating any of it. She also acts like she is American and not Chinese like the rest of her family.

Which leads to the next one,
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