Similarities And Contributions And Achievements Of The Tang Empire

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The Tang empire was originally the Sui dynasty. The Li family had seen an opportunity to take over due to an outbreak of chaos happening in the Sui dynasty, and renamed it the Tang empire. Li Shimin (r. 626-649), an emperor of this new dynasty, had decided to extend his power into Inner Asia, expanding the empire. The Tang empire had a formidable army and impressive art works that contribute to their achievements, and lasted from 618 to 907 C.E. After the decline of the Tang empire, three new states had emerged, one being the Song empire. The Song, having to pay tribute to the Liao, sided with the Jurchens to rebel against the Liao. Instead of helping the Song empire, the Jurchens took over Liao instead and turned on the Song empire. Once…show more content…
Soon enough, the government took away the use of paper money and replaced it with taxes and financial incentives. Although the Tang and Song had this similar achievement of credit, the empires had different forms of printing as well. The innovations of woodblock printing and movable type printing were revolutionary during the Tang and Song empire, with the invention of woodblock printing originating in the Tang empire, and movable type originating in the Song empire. Woodblock printing was a process of “block printing on paper”, and became widespread across China after Tang influence. Due to this widespread influence, the Song empire made a “technical change” to woodblock printing, and created the movable type method. This method allows “the mass production of test preparation books” as well as an increase in the obtainability of printed books.
A political achievement similarity the Tang and Song empire share is experiencing a change in empire size. The Tang empire, originating in Central Asia had extended its power into Inner Asia, causing the empire to increase in size dramatically. Soon enough, the Tang were defeated by an army of Arabs, Turks, and Tibetans, which prevented the Tang from expanding their empire westward, resulting in growth to cease. The Song empire, also experiencing a change in empire size, had to shift south of the Yellow River due to increasing
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