Similarities And Difference Between Leadership And Management In Business

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When we think about a business the first thing that comes to mind are leadership and management. Although at first glance leadership and management may look similar, but they display different values and approach. A leadership is a trait for those who hold up their integrity and honesty. It helps others with their display of communication skills which may help inspire and motivate their team. In a business, they are an invaluable asset that allows the company or organization move forward. Management, on the other hand, takes a more strategic approach. A management is necessary to help direct and establish rules for a company or organization. Management can be break down objectives into manageable pieces in a roadmap to be followed. Just for that reason, management is another must-have skill in any business. Overall, we will distinguish the similarity and difference between leadership and management.

Leadership is a trait that helps others around them. The major leadership traits are made up of intelligence, self-confidence, determination, integrity, and sociability. As a personality assessment like the Myers-Briggs can use to measure a leadership trait for specific positions. Being a leader would require setting a vision for your goal and challenge that goal. Displaying leadership is impossible without a team, but for a team to function together as a whole, a leader would require great communication skills which help inform and motivate the team along the way. An example
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