Similarities And Differences Between Ancient Greek And Rome

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The Greek and Roman are country are located in the Mediterranean. Rome assimilated into the Greek way of life but besides this, there were still existed major differences between ancient Rome and ancient Greek especially the Athens. The history of the ancient Romans and ancient Greek can be compared and contrasted using the economic, social and political aspects of the two countries.

In the colonial era, the Greeks and Romans affected and influenced each other. The two nations mostly interacted through trade at the black sea and Mediterranean regions. The trade also thrived due to security from roman military. As time eloped and civilization perpetuated, Romans adopted believes and practices of the Greeks (Guttman, 2012).

There exist differences and similarities in the ancient Rome and ancient Greek economy. Athens developed through sea trade, whereas Rome grew by conquest. Initially, Greeks practiced fishing and trading (Gill). Both countries practiced agriculture. Both countries grew wheat but the Greece failed due to bad farming techniques which led to poor wheat productivity hence they adopted mass production of olive oil (Gill). Olive oil and grapes was the major export by Greek while Romans common trade items were bronze and pottery .both Greeks and Romans used labor from slaves, both also practiced mining. Initially, the Romans derived their labor from slaves whom they acquired in war but later on the Greeks adopted the practice (Guttman, 2012).

Both romans and
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