Similarities And Differences Between Atticus Movie And The Movie To Kill A Mockingbird

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This paper is over TKAM the movie and book to see how they are different and the same. First in the book since that is what we did first is a good novel it has many details, also Aunt Alexandra was not in the movie when she was in the book this was a big difference because in the book she was thorn to Scout, she became more like a mother in soothing Scout in the book but they did not put her in the movie which was a big difference. Another difference in between the book and movie was the combination of Miss Maudie and Miss Rachel the two neighbors of the Finches were combined into one person for the movie while in the book they were two people they were not one person. A similaritie in between the book and movie was the relationship Between Atticus and the African Americans, in both Atticus still believed in justices and he knew that Tom was not guilty in both Atticus still had a strong passion for the trial when he knew in both the book and movie that he would lose the case because the court system back then was colored blind. A big difference is the black community in the book it seems that they show more of it and the way that they talk in the book and what they…show more content…
In the book Atticus decides to take his family Jem and Scout to go see and or visit more family for the holidays but in the movie this scene was cut completely. Also another big difference between the book and movie was that in the book we get to hear and see everything that Scout sees or hears, but in the movie we don’t just see what Scout sees or hears we see and hear everything that all the characters see and hear. In the book Jem and Scout are in the Radleys yard, when Mr.Radley comes out with his shotgun to scare Jem and Scout away which worked, but in the movie Mr. Radley comes outside with his shotgun when Jem comes back to get his pants that he had taken off
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